Mona Kissel Polymer Clay              

Polymer Clay, a man-made modeling clay, became the medium
for my artistic expression in 1994, and thus part of my life.

I soon discovered that it can be draped, shaped, stretched, imprinted
and combined with surface treatments to create exciting textures and
color effects.  

It comes in many colors and cures at low temperatures.  My favorite
palette ranges from earth tones to custom blended purples & blues.  
Polymer clay jewelry is light-weight and very comfortable on the skin.

Chose from a variety of designs and techniques:

are combined with surgical stainless steel wires, Japanese &
Czech glass beads, jump rings, or colorful hypoallergenic Niobium wires
in colors to complement the clay.

Choker / Bracelets  14 to 16 inches long, polymer clay crescent beads
with metal leaf, alcohol inks, iridescent foils, in a variety of textures.  
These versatile designs wrap once around the neck, or twice around
the wrist.

The Reversible Cuff Bracelet  Different combinations of color transitions
and surface embellishments based on tapestry and mosaic techniques
are combined and feature magnet or button clasps.

Watches were designed with warm weather comfort in mind.  The
polymer clay beads are cool on the skin, and do not discolor skin like
leather and metal bands.

Pendants and cords/cables in many colors.

Satin Swirl Necklaces, Bracelets are highly tactile and satin-
smooth to the touch.

The Gemstone Collection  White Topaz, Peridot, Citrine and other
gemstones with polymer clay.

Shibuichi Designs  “Wrapping my clay around metal”!  Pendants have
been formed around precious Shibuichi, a  Silver & Copper alloy used in
Japanese metal-smithing.  Embossed Metals Designs - Polymer clay
has been wrapped around embossed and punched art metals.

Earth Textures Jewelry & Earth Textures Vases ©
Images are imprinted onto the clay using objects found in nature,
various texture and carving tools, as well as rubber stamps.  The
designs are enhanced by the addition of embossing powders, paints,
metallic leaf and inks.  Each piece is cured & wet-sanded multiple times,
and carefully polished to bring out the luster and pearlescence of the
polymer clay.  

Earth Textures Necklaces  Pendants strung with glass beads on kink-
resistant, 49-strand nylon-encased cables.  Necklace development
continues with the exploration of cultural design elements such as
Asian, Egyptian and ethnic themes, silk screen printing and new image

Targeted Randomness Designs consist of randomly arranged bits of
clay, left-over canes, bold bands of contrasting colors, all combined in
one clay log.  Pairs of slices yield mirror-images.  In my constant quest
to compose asymmetric balance, these pairs are first positioned into a
rectangle.  The designs are formed into interesting shapes.  The result
is open to your interpretation.

Wild Flower Gardens  Life-like, seamless flower canes, which are
similar to Italian millefiore glass techniques. They have been described
as looking like porcelain bisque.  Framed polymer art, in 5”x7” or 4”x6”,
include Wild Flower Gardens, or abstract art designs made entirely of
polymer clay, as well as polymer clay mats used to hold my version of
the iris folding paper art, called Polyfoldings.

Non-jewelry creations also include small desk clocks, ice cream scoops
and serving utensils with polymer clay covered handles, all great gift
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