Mona Kissel Texture Workshop
In this two-day workshop, participants will learn several versatile techniques which
build upon one another.   The techniques, taught over the course of two days, can
be used in a multitude of applications such as coverings for utensils or pens, in
making jewelry, flat art for paper crafting, etc.

This workshop is for the advanced beginner and beyond.  Participants should bring
their own pasta machine and know how to condition clay with a pasta machine, as
well as use basic tools, like cutting blades, rollers etc.

The goal of the workshop is for the participants to refine their design and finishing
knowledge and to acquire a plethora of interesting and easy techniques for
unlimited clay exploration and design possibilities.

Day One:

“Refined” skinner blends.  “A blend is never finished”, and “Mona's tight
blends”.  Learn to add highlights to improve contrast and impact of color blending.  

Simple mokume gane (using metallic clays or skinner blends from  #1).  
Participants can bring favorite rubber stamps and texture sheets for this easy but
versatile technique.

Crazing and crackling.  Application of acrylic paints, or mixtures of PearlEx
powders, embossing powders & glitter powders plus Future floor wax, onto skinner
blends or solid colors.  

Applying cane slices seamlessly.  To save time, participants should bring their
favorite flower canes, or other existing canes.  Bring large knitting needles,  waxed
paper sheets, and standard copy paper.
Also useful are plastic deli/bakery sheets, if available.

Finishing the clay sheets decorated with cane slices with “cornstarch”.  
This simple and handy technique allows Kato Clay to bake with a matt finish instead
of gloss, and allows fingerprints & irregularities to be minimized.   Also works on  
other clay brands to obtain a smooth, satin finish.

Day Two:

Applying decorated clay sheets to utensil handles (using above
components). This technique can be used on metal utensils (no plastic please).  
These sheets can alternatively be used in jewelry designs, (such as earrings, pins,

Mona’s Satin Swirl Beads.  (Using scraps from steps above).   These hand rolled
beads require no sanding or buffing, yet have a smooth satin finish that looks like
hours were spent on the finish!    

Rocking Beads  (originally called Extruded Beads).

These elegant beads are made from “Mona's Targeted Randomness Technique”.

Large flattened oval beads, made of scrap clay, with a smooth satin finish, without

Scrap clay can be turned into very interesting oval shaped beads.  Each of the four
sides of the bead gets shaped into something like the natasha bead effect.  Each
side yields a different pattern, which sometimes resembles a landscape. Bits of
leftover canes and cane-ends make very interesting patterns.  

Colors can be combined in color families, or just two colors can be used.  Patterns
can resemble wood grain, stone effects, landscapes, etc.

Supplies and tools list will be provided before the workshop.

Minimum 12 participants, Maximum 20.

Mona Kissel                                               

Martinsburg, WV
2 Day Texture Workshop,
or      2 Day Cuff Bracelet Workshop
Auf Deutsch

Mona Kissel's Reversible Cuff Bracelet
In this two day workshop, participants will learn how to shape the bracelet in
various widths to fit various wrist sizes.  The bracelet will be embellished on the
main side with a variety of techniques, and will have a textured secondary side,
for a truly versatile piece of jewelry.

Day One:

  • learn to translate wrist size to bracelet size
  • learn to make one bracelet with Mona's targeted randomness technique,
    and one bracelet embellished with the techniques you already know how to
    do, using your canes, crazing, silk screened designs, color blends, etc.
  • learn to shape the bracelet - work on two bracelets at once
  • learn to make the stringing holes align just right, pre-baking
  • learn to minimize marks and dings

Day Two:  

  • learn to select accent beads and determine how they affect the length of
    the bracelet (i.e. final size)
  • learn how to string the bracelet using 49 strand 0.024" thickness Accuflex.  
    (may also use Beadalon, Softflex, or other vinyl encased stainless steel
    wire stringing cable in 0.024" thickness, not thinner!!!!!)
  • learn to crimp bracelet with crimp beads, (not crimp tubes), plus glass seed
  • learn to add a magnetic clasp or make a custom polymer bead and seed
    bead noose.

Supplies and tools list will be provided before the workshop.

Minimum 12 participants, Maximum 20.

Mona Kissel                                               
749 Nadenbousch Lane                   
Martinsburg, WV  25405
Mona Kissel, Polymer Clay